[b-greek] Re: Third call for SBL attendees

From: Dale M. Wheeler (dalemw@teleport.com)
Date: Sun Nov 12 2000 - 22:35:48 EST

Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:

>Here is a list of names and their primary e-List affiliation of those
>subscribed to the various e-List Biblical Studies communities who have
>(as of today) contacted me to confirm intentions to gather Saturday
>morning, Nov. 18th at 11am at the Gramcord Booth -- which we will
>promote very heavily in exchange for Dale Wheeler's continued indulgence
>of our using his booth as a meeting place.

Jeff, et.al.:

This comes under the heading of "give credit to whom credit is
due..." Since Paul Miller, the Exec. Dir. of GRAMCORD is paying the bills
for the booth, and not I (I just get to hang around and talk to people
about my and their current electronic projects), then its his patience that
is being taxed. However, I think I speak for both of us when I say "the
more the merrier..."

BTW, Paul and I are supposed to be participating in BibGreek Lang&Lit
session on the Past & Future of Electronic Parsed GNT at 1pm in Lincoln
A...though, thanks to the SBL scheduling, I'm supposed to be at the CARS
business meeting (since I am a member of the Steering Comm.) at the same
time, so we'll see how that goes.

See you'all there...

Dale M. Wheeler, Ph.D.
Research Professor in Biblical Languages Multnomah Bible College
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