[b-greek] Call for papers

From: Bart Ehrman (behrman@email.unc.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 09:47:48 EST

    This announcement from the editor of a new monograph series may be of
some interest to some; apologies for cross listings.

"Call for Papers (SBL Rome, July 2001, 7-10, Pericope-group)

In 1998 a project was started with regard to text division
in the Old Testament (delimitation of cola, verses, strophes,
paragraphs, chapters, etc.). A first meeting of the participants
took place during the EABS-meeting in Utrecht 2000.

The group then has been renamed into "Pericope-group" and
a new series was started, "Pericope: Scripture as Written and
Read in Antiquity". The project then has been broadened
out to include also the text division in NT texts. Bart Ehrman
has become one of the members of the editorial board of the
Pericope series for the NT field.

During the European SBL meeting in Rome a session
of the Pericope-group will be organized, and scholars
interested in the topic of text division and the way
in which the ancient scribes marked textual units are
kindly invited to participate and to read a paper on the

Because of short time (the SBL-deadline for proposing
papers and abstracts is Dec. 15) interested parties are
requested to contact Bart Erhman as soon as possible, or, the person
organizing the session, and spear heading the project, Marjo Korpel.

-- Bart D. Ehrman
   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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