[b-greek] Re: Adverb modifying Substantive????

From: Garland Shinn (ghshinn@home.com)
Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 01:11:00 EST

The problem, I think, goes back to the to the old argument as to function verses
form. Because the word "now" is most regularly used as an adverb does not make it an
adverb. An adverb is determined by the use of the word in context. However, in your
example "the now time" the word now is an attributive adjective by function. Other
words that are regularly used as parts of speech other than adjectives can be used in
the same attributive manner; e.g. "the dorm room" or "the room mother."

Garland Shinn
Southern California Bible College & Seminary
El Cajon, CA

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