[b-greek] Re: Corrections p75

From: l. j. swain (x99swain@wmich.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 10:57:18 EST

clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
> > Larry Swain wrote:
> > Clayton,
> > Good to hear from you.
> Yea right.

Curmudgeon. :)

> Larry,
> I took a close look at this page of p75 in Aland & Aland [1] . After
> studying the shape of H in a better reproduction of p75, a page from Luke 16
> (See Metzger [2]) I would agree with you that the H which is the center of
> this discussion is not like the other H's produced in this document. It does
> not look like it was made with the same writing instrument nor does it have
> any of the other subtle characteristics. It is a different H. We are agreed
> on that.

Nice to have some confirmation anyway. Thanks for checking it out.
> Both Fee [3] and Comfort/ Barrett [4] are quoting Erenst C. Colwell [5] on
> this subject so I will just quote the quote from Comfort:
> "In P75 the text that is produced can be explained in all its variants as
> the result of a single force, namely the disciplined scribe who writes with
> the intention of being careful and accurate. There is no evidence of
> revision of his work by anyone else, or in fact any real revision or
> check . . ."
> So the the problem boils down to what do we make of Colwell's statement.

Thanks for the bibliography. I wouldn't disagree with what I take to be
a general comment. The text doesn't need much in the way correction,
and thus there is very little. With this one exception, I would agree
that the other "corrections" are by the same hand. I wish these sources
would go into more detail about their conclusions!

Larry Swain

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