[b-greek] BDAG & UBS texts update from SBL

From: Rodney J. Decker (rdecker@bbc.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 12:53:00 EST

I just returned from Nashville (ETS/IBR/SBL confs). Several notes of interest.

1. Yes, BDAG *is* indeed a reality. I have also touched a real printed
copy. (I suspect that before the conference is over (I had to return early)
that U.Chg. will have to install a "drool shield" over the three copies
that are on display! One additional note--the printed copies arrived from
the printers *2 days* before the conf. began (I assume that means last
Turs.). Those who ordered at SBL last year on pre-pub special should have
their copies waiting for them when they return from this year's
conference--or so they say at the U.Chg. booth. Others who order at the
conf this year ($68) should receive their copy in "about 3 weeks." And BTW,
don't count on an Amazon or Dalton online order arriving for $42--I suspect
that they most certainly will readjust the price when they realize that
U/Chg. has raised the list price.

2. Re. prices of UBS Greek testaments from Am. Bible Soc.--there was quite
a fuss on the list here earlier this fall when the ABS catalog came out
with substantial price increases on their materials--esp. the Greek
testaments. I stopped by the ABS booth at SBL to inquire (& lodge my
complaint!). What I was told is that ABS is moving to distribution through
the normal wholesale/retail distribution channels in the US market. In
order to do that, they had to raise the prices so that they could maintain
their cost structure and still give the wholesalers a standard discount.
When I protested that the cost was excessive ant that students were going
to be pinched severely, their response was, "Well, students pay about
$300/semester for books anyway, so what's another $15?" (That almost an
exact quote--as near as I can remember it.)

So I then talked to a rep. at the Zondervan booth and shared the gist of
our "price discussion" here on b-greek this past fall and asked about the
possibility of Zondervan printing an inexpensive, text-only Greek NT for
student use. I thought that they might be a good choice since they print
several Greek testaments now, so there would be minimal cost for them to
reformat it to this type of use. The rep. (who was a sr. editor) was quite
interested in my comments and proposal and he wrote out a number of notes
to consider when he returned from the conference. A few bits from that
conversation: Z. used to have a license for the UBS text (used for their
UBS/NRSV/NIBV parallel edition), but that has been revoked by UBS. Z. will
be one of the publishers with some sort of distribution arrangements with
UBS (not sure if that is through their "Family Bookstores" or the printing
division). Z. *does* have a useable modern, eclectic Greek NT that they
*own* that could be used for such a project. This is the same text that
they used for the "odd" Reverse Interlinear that they just published. It is
a derived text in that they (actually John Kohlenberger) worked backwards
from the NIV, selecting the variants accepted by the NIV translation team.
This essentially creates a new, independent text that is not controlled by
the UBS and can thus be used by Z. as they please with no license.

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