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From: Paul, Doug (Doug.Paul@GD-CS.COM)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 07:27:35 EST

I am curious as to what the visual method mentioned below for Greek actually

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>I think seeing "inherent difficulties" is
>unjustifiable. I thought the same thing before I
>began using some visual methods. Although I am more of
>a verbal learner, I would say
>that the visual channel has greatly advanced my
>understanding of Greek, primarily
>by allowing me to learn words much faster and
>therefore being able to read (out loud) much more.
>After reading a New Testament book several times in
>the Greek, I no longer have to rely on visual methods.
>That is the benefit
>of usage. Your mind sees it enough times to recognize
>it without reverting to your
>visual aide. I guess visual methods only need to be
>used for a short time if you keep up your reading.



Alan B. Thomas

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