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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 12:25:40 EST

on 11/22/00 2:19 AM, One of the McKays wrote:

> Can you recommend some helpful books on Luke, please?
> I know some have said they don't like commentaries, but I find them useful,
> though I know we need other stuff, too.
> Has anyone used Nolland [WBC]?
> What about Fitzmyer [bit pricey over here!]


Did I already respond to this question before? Seems like it.

Fitzmyer is good. I don't own it but I do used it a lot (library copy). His
works on Acts and Romans are also good. Fitzmyer is not a Calvinist of
course, but he is a very fine scholar. I am not a fan of the Anchor series
in general, but Fitzmyer is an exception.

Darrel Bock's "ground breaking" two volume work suffers from over kill. Bock
takes too much time answering questions that IMHO don't need to be addressed
at all. For example he takes the Jesus Seminar VERY seriously and interacts
with them frequently and at length. IMHO this is a big waste of time and
space. Bock has so much interaction with the secondary literature that it is
a major chore to wade through it to find where he is interacting with the
the text of Luke. Bock however is a careful scholar and if you are willing
to wade through all the other stuff his comments on Luke are worth reading.
CBD sells this two volume work for about half price or less in their
preferred customer catalogs. These books are BIG so you are getting a lot of
weight for your money. For people who by books by the pound this is a
significant consideration :-))))))))

I.H. Marshall (NIGTC) is one I would avoid. It is more of a book on the
synoptic problem than a commentary on Luke. Very preoccupied with source and
redaction criticism.

If you can find a cheap used copy of Alfred Plummer (ICC), this hundred year
old work was my favorite. Plummer just stays with the subject and does not
get side tracked on academic trivia. Plummer is OLD but I still use him a

Likes and dislikes regarding commentaries are highly subjective. For this
reason one should always attach a big legal disclaimer when posting
preferences so that you don't get people mad at you when they don't like the
books you like. I get some mail off list occasionally from folks who bought
a book I suggested and hated it. Don't know what to do about this.


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