[b-greek] Luke references

From: Steven Craig Miller (scmiller@plantnet.com)
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 12:46:49 EST

To: David McKay,

<< Can you recommend some helpful books on Luke, please? I know some have
said they don't like commentaries, but I find them useful, though I know we
need other stuff, too. Has anyone used Nolland [WBC]? What about Fitzmyer
[bit pricey over here!] >>

The first commentary I consult for Luke is generally Fitzmyer's (Anchor).
And if I have time, I would then consult Nolland's (Word), Johnson's (Sacra
Pagina), Marshall's (Eerdmans), Plummer's (ICC), and Bock's (Baker), or
some sub-set. In my opinion, Fitzmyer's (although imperfect as they all
are) is a notch above the others, but no doubt other participants of this
list will have other favorites.

One thing you might consider is going to a good theological library, and
try reading one or two small sections from each of them and then making
your own judgment on this issue. What you want from a commentary might not
be the same that I, or someone else, might want.

On the other hand, if you goal is just some help on translating the Greek
text of Luke, I would not recommend any commentary. Although occasionally
(in my experience, "rarely") they can be of some help, there are better
ways (than reading a commentary) to learn and study Greek.

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)

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