[b-greek] Us Slow Learners

From: Steven Craig Miller (scmiller@plantnet.com)
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 08:33:22 EST

To: gfsomsel,

<< Am I unusually slow? I was a Greek major in college, took more in
seminary, and take my N-A to church for the reading of the gospel &
epistle. Still, I continually go to the lexicon to sort out nuances of
usage. >>

If you are unusually slow, we are unusually slow together. I had five years
of classical Greek in college, and dropped out of my Greek course in
seminary (I only went one semester) after it became painfully obvious that
I knew more Greek than my professor. (He was beginning his first year as
teacher and professor, so hopefully he has rectified this problem by now.)
In addition, I've been reading Greek with my pastor almost weekly for over
ten years. Occasionally, I can open my NT at random and actually read the
text, but more often than not, I stumble over unlearnt vocabulary and
occasionally even after I've looked up the vocabulary I stumble over the
syntax as well. I regularly use Zerwick and Grosvernor's "Grammatical

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)

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