[b-greek] AUTOU in John 9:6

From: Steven Craig Miller (scmiller@plantnet.com)
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 12:54:53 EST

To: Clayton Stirling Bartholomew,

<< Note that NA27 is somewhat misleading on this since it reports the
readings in D and Maj at the end of the verse but does not report the
change or omission of AUTOU before TON PHLON. This leads the unsuspecting
reader to conclude that the reading in the Maj text and D are nonsense
readings which they are not. H.A.W Meyer (John page 298) has some comments
on this textual issue. He points out that the reading in A is essentially a
nonsense reading since it adds TOU TUFLOU at the end without omitting AUTOU
before TON PHLON. NA27 leaves us assuming that Maj, D and others contain
nonsense readings. What is the moral of this story? Get yourself a set of
Ruben Swanson. >>

Well, NA27 is a handbook, it does not pretend to be exhaustive. But
whatever, I'm more interested in what might or might not be nonsense readings.


Why not: "He anointed him with mud upon his blind eyes"? If one takes AUTOU
as an object of a verb of touch, it doesn't conflict with TOU TUFLOU. And
as for your assertion that NA27 gives the false impression that the Maj
text and D are nonsense readings, I suspect that it falls to the same
criticism, if one takes AUTOU as an object of the verb, there is no
nonsense reading implied. And I would guess that the editors of the
Nestle-Aland text considered these readings to be two unrelated syntactical
units (to each other, obviously they are both related to the same
sentence), and thus it is unnecessary to mention that AUTOU is omitted in
some MSS. (On the other hand, the extra information is of course
interesting minutia, and I just love minutia.)

What is the moral of this story? Hmm ... does every story have a moral?

-Steven Craig Miller
Alton, Illinois (USA)

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