[b-greek] Re: Luke 2.42+

From: Alex / Ali (alexali@surf.net.au)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 07:28:39 EST

>> Alan Thomas wrote
>>> KAI hOTE EGENETO ETWN DWDEKA [aorist tense]
>>> ANABAINONTWN AUTWN [present tense]
>> Alan, I haven't seen it mentioned yet that DWDEKA is a cardinal number,
>> isn't the DEDWKA (perfect) which I think you had in mind.
>Alan didn't mistake DWDEKA (cardinal number) for DEDWKA (perfect verb);
>rather, he had in mind the aorist verb EGENETO, as the above quote shows.
>His question had to do with the sequence of aorist and present tenses in
>two verses in question.
>Steve Lo Vullo

Good on you, Steve, I wasn't seeing the wood for the trees!

Alex Hopkins

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