[b-greek] BDAG

From: Rob Somers (robsomers@golden.net)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 08:43:46 EST

Apparently there has been some real gouging going on in the States over the
price of the BDAG -- the price differences of roughly $40 U.S. would
indicate this to be true -- I had my mom check out the price for me here in
Canada, and I can get one for $46 CDN -- then with tax it is $53.
That is considerably cheaper than anything I could do out of the States
(after I have paid shipping and handling etc...). I understand that I am
going to be waiting a while though, for my copy -- the lady at the book
store said there is like a huge "flag" on the item -- apparently they don't
have much stock left -- all sold out in many places.

Rob Somers

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