[b-greek] Re: question about james 5:14 -- retraction of my original questions

From: Rob Somers (robsomers@golden.net)
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 21:29:18 EST

<<Steve Lo Vullo>>
> Careful, Rob! I think these two questions, if taken up by the list, will
> definitely lead to a theological firefight between charismatics and
> non-charismatics. Certainly the question about punctuation (or lack
> is a legitimate one for B-Greek, but (IMHO) theological conclusions based
> the answer to that question are probably better dealt with in another
> Steve Lo Vullo
Of course you are right, Steve -- May I retract my question at least in
part -- my intent was not to start a big controversy about theology --
perhaps I could rework my question to be more suitable --

> I have a question about the meaning of this passage in James [5:14]
> From what I can see in the UBS GNT 4th Ed.,
> ASTHENEI TIS EV hUMIN "The one who is sick among you...."
> is not a question, but rather a statement -- especially as there is no
> punctuation [;] that would indicate this being a question (Although there
> in my Zondervan Parallel Interlinear -- it has the [;]

Ok then, simply what I would like to know is this: -- what is with the [;]
in this passage? It is not in my UBS GNT -- however, my NASB translates
this as a question. Is it a question James asking, or a statement?

Again, my sincere apologies if I have unnecessarily offended anybody with my
previous question.

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