[b-greek] Re: question about james 5:14

From: Rob Somers (robsomers@golden.net)
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 15:36:33 EST

> On Sat 25 Nov 2000 (19:20:10), robsomers@golden.net wrote:
> > ASTHENEI TIS EV hUMIN "The one who is sick among you...."
> >
> > is not a question, but rather a statement -- especially as there is no
> > punctuation [;] that would indicate this being a question (Although
> > there is in my Zondervan Parallel Interlinear)

> Dear Rob,
> What an interesting question. Because the word order is inverted, <verb -
> subject> instead of <subject - verb>, most if not all English translators
> commentators take it as interrogative.
> One could supply an assumed protasis EI before ASQENEI TIS, "[If] anyone
> you is weakly/sickly, [then] let him call for the elders of the church".

I have done more thinking about this, and to translate it like a statement
certainly does not make for good English necessarily -- it seems to sound a
little wooden almost -- I supplied the translation (above) "The one who is
sick among you...," which is not really correct -- The more I think about
this, the more difficult it seems to get -- I have learned in just a few
short days what a long road I have to travel in becoming anywhere near
proficient at Greek.

> All the commentators whose works I have to hand fly off at a tangent onto
> doctrinal matters of Extreme Unction and Divine Healing; not germane to
> here on b-greek. Not one comments on the Greek ASQENEI TIS EN hUMIN....

I cannot say that I was the one who noticed this area that I am focusing
upon -- somewhere in the past few days (maybe I dreamt it??) I read
something about this, and it seemed interesting, but I only glanced at it
with the intention of giving it a good read later -- do you think that I can
remember where I saw it? I cannot!

Rob Somers

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