[b-greek] Re: Barnes and Ignoble?

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 17:02:33 EST

Meant for the list, I think, rather than for me alone.

>From: "Deborah Greenhill" <ravdev@mail.fm>
>To: "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu>
>Subject: Re: [b-greek] Re: Barnes and Ignoble?
>Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 06:56:20 +1100
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>That's odd, because B & N just informed me that my copy shipped yesterday.
>Your $10 discount shows up at the bottom, and shows $52 in the
>description/price line.
>Dr. Deborah J. Greenhill
>> >I have just received the following message from Barnes and {Ig]Noble:
>> >
>> >Despite our efforts, we were unable to ship the following title(s) in the
>> >expected time frame.
>> >The following title has been backordered:
>> >QTY PRICE TITLE (Expected Ship Date)
>> >--- ----- ------------------------------ ------------------
>> > 1 $52.00 A Greek-English Lexicon of the 12/17/2000
>> >
>> >I understood I was getting it for $US42.
>> >
>> >Jim! Get down off the roof! You were right!
>> >
>> >Why do people offer to supply stuff they ain't got?
>> >
>> >BTW, We have 12 months per year in Australia, not 17! I guess this is to
>> >allow more time to clear up the recent election fiasco.
>> >David McKay
>> >musicke@ozemail.com.au
>> I suppose these questions may have been rhetorical, but in case they may
>> not have been so, (1) that price was a pre-publication offer and it's a
>> good one; and (2) in the U.S. we normally put month/day/year, so the
>> expected shipping date is December 17--it should still arrive for
>> Christmas. I got the same note, and I'll be glad to have it for Christmas.
>> (It will be Advent season then, won't it?)
>> --
>> Carl W. Conrad

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