[b-greek] BDAG Traffic Necessary?

From: Will Wagers (hyle@e-denton.com)
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 23:59:56 EST

I realize that everyone is very excited about the new BDAG, as am I.
But, is it really necessary for *everyone* to tell us about every email
they receive from B&N or whomever? Do we really need to know
the terms and conditions of every sale on B-Greek, including shipping?


>Dear B-Greekers:
>I've gotten notice that my BDAG shipped by 3 day select mail and I should
>have it by Saturday or Monday. After waiting for over seven years, I have
>the type of expectation that normally is reserved for the Second Coming of
>Christ. And I got it for $52.00
>I just had to share it with those who understand
>Kevin W. Woodruff, M. Div.

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