[b-greek] Re: John 20:28 and Smart's rule.

From: One of the McKays (musicke@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 18:46:28 EST

Dan said:
> You might want to check the archives from last October/November 2000
> where this construction was dicussed at length. They can be found at
> the B-Greek home page: http://metalab.unc.edu/bgreek.
> The rule is stated as:
> "In native [not translation] KOINE Greek when the copulative
> KAI connects two substantives of personal description in regimen
> [i.e. both or neither have articles] and the first substantive
> alone is modified by the personal pronoun in the genitive or
> repeated for perspicuity [Winer 147-148;155] two persons or
> groups of persons are in view."
> There is no example in the GNT where this construction has one person
> in view.

You're a brave man, Dan!
I would have thought your rule was systematically and comprehensively shot
in the foot in that discussion.

Also, John 20:28 is clearly a place where your rule cannot possibly apply!

David McKay

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