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From: Jack Kilmon (jkilmon@historian.net)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 11:22:20 EST

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> I feel dumb even bringing this up to B-Greek, but I am wondering if anyone
> has ever heard of an alleged document found by a certain Morton Smith
> purportedly to have come from the hand of Clement of Alexandria. I am
> providing the link below to the homepage for this document's argument. I
> have no idea what validity this has, and this is why I am asking on
> B-Greek. Have you ever heard of this document? What refutation is there
> as to its validity? Was Morton Smith (died in 1991) ever discredited as
> a verifiable discovery and/or accurate translation of this document?
> Basically, is it at all believable?

There is information on Secret Mark and links to other Secret Mark sites
on my website at:


The notion that it is a forgery is foolish. It is obvious, from a
standpoint, that the Clementine letter was hurriedly inscribed in the end
of the 1646 Voss book to preserve it either because the original was
deteriorating or was ordered to be destroyed.


taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

Jack Kilmon
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