[b-greek] Word order and relative prominence in Greek

From: Iver Larsen (alice-iver_larsen@wycliffe.org)
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 03:28:42 EST

Dear Mark (Wilson) and others,

A 4-page article that was published 10 years ago on this subject has been posted
at the following internet address:

The name of the file is prominence.rtf. A zipped version is also available at
the site. I accept that the meaning indicated by variations in Greek word order
is not an easy thing to pin down. I don't think we can make strong exegetical
conclusions from word order alone, but there does seem to be a strong tendency.
So, it is more than a "vague idea", but it is not something where I want to set
up complex and detailed "rules" that everyone then starts looking for exceptions
to. I have found the general idea very enlightening and helpful during the last
decade of my on-and-off study of the Greek NT.

To read the Greek examples in Word (for MAC or PC) you will need to download and
install the SIL Greek font called SILGalatia. It is offered free of charge to
the academic community and can be downloaded from

Further information can be found in

Iver Larsen
Kolding, Denmark

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