[b-greek] Re: Word order and relative prominence in Greek

From: Moon-Ryul Jung (moon@saint.soongsil.ac.kr)
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 07:53:56 EST

Dear Iver,

thanks for the article. I have read it. Would you please explain
the following statement you wrote?
At the sentence level the relative prominence of the constituents is not
marked so much by their order as by where they are on the specificity

Do you mean, for example, that it does not matter in terms of emphasis
whether a participial clause precedes the finite-verb clause or not?

Also, when we say VSO word order, does it take into account
adverbial phrases? We usually say that a verb and an adverbial clause
forms a verb phrase (VP). Is V in VSO actually VP?

Moon-Ryul Jung
Sogang Univ, Seoul, Korea

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