[b-greek] Re: Word order and relative prominence in Greek

From: Moon-Ryul Jung (moon@saint.soongsil.ac.kr)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 19:53:29 EST

I could send you one or more of the START articles if you are
> interested.

Yes, please send them to me.

> >
> > Also, when we say VSO word order, does it take into account
> > adverbial phrases? We usually say that a verb and an adverbial clause
> > forms a verb phrase (VP). Is V in VSO actually VP?
> Yes. The VSO is a standard abbreviation for VP, NP(S), NP(O)
 and it does not
> deal with NPs functioning as indirect objects.
es it mean that

Then does VP,NP(S),NP(S) mean that a verb and an adverbial are positioned
next to each other in the default word order? Is the default word order
within a verb phrase V Adv rather than Adv V?

If the default word order is not so useful, it seems that there is no
to the freeness of word order in Greek. Is there no constraint to word
in Greek?

Moon-Ryul Jung
Sogang Univ, Seoul, Korea

> Iver Larsen
> Kolding, Denmark
> alice-iver_larsen@wycliffe.org

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