[b-greek] ELLHNISTAS

From: lance w seevers (lws39@juno.com)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 23:10:53 EST

My question pertains to the usage in Acts 11:20. It is my understanding
that ELLHNISTAS means any one who observes Greek customs or uses the
Greek language. It is used in Acts 6:1 and 9:29, referring to Jews.
Of course there is a variation in Acts 11:20. Is this, perhaps, because
ELLHNISTAS was understood to refer to Jews?
Does this word have a broad definition, one that includes both native and
non-native speakers of Greek? Could it refer to any ethnic group overcome
by Greek culture? Did the native inhabitants of Antioch come under Greek
influence and adopt the Greek language to a limited degree?
 BAGD says it is a Greek speaking Jew. Liddell gives the broad definition
but says that in the N. T. it is used to refer to Greek speaking Jews.
Thanks for your assistance.
Walt Seevers

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