[b-greek] RE: Phil 3:11

From: Bill Garrison (BillGarrison@msn.com)
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 08:50:13 EST

Dear B-Greek,
Since the list is quiet, perhaps this is a good time to introduce a new

Phi 3:11 reads:


In seeking to understand this verse I would like to begin with some
questions of methodology. centering on EXANASTASIS and EI PWS.

1. EXANASTASIS is a hapax legomena in Biblical literature, but is found in
Hippocrates and Polybius. What methods do other B-Greekers use to relate
these secular usages to NT usage when there are no Biblical examples?
2. EXANASTASIS is an unusual triple compound with two free-form
prepositional prefixes affixed to the root. Since we cannot examine NT usage
of a hapax, can we analyze and then synthesize the separate meaning of the
three morphemes to determine the meaning of the compound?
3. Does EXANASTASIS here the same meaning as the more common ANASTASIS?
4. Does EI PWS indicate a condition of uncertainty? If so, is the
uncertainty genuine or rhetorical?
5. Finally, what is Paul expressing here?

Bill Garrison

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