[b-greek] Re: Plain Text ASCII vs. Styled Text in AOL

From: Dave Washburn (dwashbur@nyx.net)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 12:04:17 EST

> Dave,
> Not everyone on the list is on a PC or MAC, some universities, including mine,
> still don't support a single program and so a number of folk on this list use pine,
> elm, or even heaven forfend SMPT and a dumb terminal. In order to accomadate
> everyone on the list, the protocols for the list are to send our messages in plain
> text, so that no matter the platform, the program, or the location in the world,
> everyone may participate.

Agreed. I believe I said that I send mine in plain text and one of the
things I like about Pegasus is that it defaults to plain text. I have a
Unix machine (Linux actually, same thing only different) in my
home network, and when I read mail on it I use elm (less resource-
intensive than pine), so I'm well familiar with what you describe. I'm
trying to push the Pegasus people to either do a port to Linux/Unix
or let me do it, but so far they won't budge. Oh well.
Dave Washburn
"No study of probabilities inside a given frame can ever
tell us how probable it is that the frame itself can be
violated." C. S. Lewis

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