[b-greek] Greek NT motives

From: Anh Michael (saigon_christ@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 20:58:50 EST

This may fit into the area of history and philosophy. However, Why
suddenly in 1800's to early 1900, German and English scholars, Tischendoft,
Tegells, Wescott and Hort, and Finally Nestle to overthrow the Textus
Receptus? It seems from (Metzger / Aland) Text of NT scholars were content
on the Textus Receptus for 400yrs.

For example, the Renesiance (as well as the Holy Spirit) prompted men, like
Erasmus, to return the orginal languages. therefore what were the views of
the times social, philosophical, theological, which caused such a
motivation. Metzger's and Aland's Text of NT do not detail in this area.
Someone told me that during this time there was a great influence to prove
objectively and historically religous texts.

According to Aland (p. 20), the Nestle 13th ed. became the Final standard in
1927. Was this because, "Greek ed. gave the reader a distinct impression
that the text had been established on the Basis of manuscripts"--Aland (3rd

Michael R. Mysliwiec
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