[b-greek] pistis + noun(genitive)

From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 20:46:20 EST

Ethan said:

> The AV usually translates the genetive using the preposition "of." Only
> one modern translation I can think of uses "faithfulness fo Jesus
> Christ," and that's the International Standard Version, which hasn't been
> published yet to my knowledge.

The NET Bible translates "faithfulness" also. Like the ISV, it is accessible
on the Internet at:


Both the ISV and NET have had their New Testaments published. Their teams
are completing work on the OT.

Here is the footnote for Gal. 2:16 from NET:

tn (2:16) Though traditionally translated "faith in Jesus Christ," an
increasing number of New Testament scholars are arguing that pivsti"
Cristou' (pisti" Cristou) and similar phrases in Paul (Rom 3:22, 26; Gal
2:16, 20; 3:22; Phil 3:9) involves a subjective genitive and means "Christ's
faith" or "Christ's faithfulness" (cf., e.g., G. Howard, "The 'Faith of
Christ'," ExpTim 85 (1974): 212-15; R. B. Hays, The Faith of Jesus Christ;
Morna D. Hooker, "Pivsti" Cristou'," NTS 35 (1989): 321-42). Noteworthy
among the arguments for the subjective genitive view is that when pivsti"
takes a personal genitive it is almost never an objective genitive (cf. Matt
9:2, 22, 29; Mark 2:5; 5:34; 10:52;
Luke 5:20; 7:50; 8:25, 48; 17:19; 18:42; 22:32; Rom 1:8; 12; 3:3; 4:5, 12,
16; 1 Cor 2:5; 15:14, 17; 2 Cor 10:15; Phil 2:17; Col 1:4; 2:5; 1 Thess 1:8;
3:2, 5, 10; 2 Thess 1:3; Titus 1:1; Phlm 6; 1 Pet 1:9, 21; 2 Pet 1:5). sn
(2:16) On the phrase translated the faithfulness of Christ D. B. Wallace,
who notes that the grammar is not decisive, nevertheless suggests that "the
faith/faithfulness of Christ is not a denial of faith in Christ as a Pauline
concept (for the idea is expressed in many of the same contexts, only with
the verb pisteuvw rather than the noun), but implies that the object of
faith is a worthy object, for he himself is faithful" (Exegetical Syntax,
116). Though Paul elsewhere
teaches justification by faith, this presupposes that the object of our
faith is reliable and worthy of such faith.

Wayne Leman
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