[b-greek] Re: pistis + noun(genitive)

From: Bryan Rocine (brocine@earthlink.net)
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 07:43:55 EST

Given the common pattern PISTIS/PISTEUW + EIS,EN, EPI (e.g.
John 14:1 EIS EME PISTEUETE), shouldn't we consider a
hypothetical EXETE PISTIN EIS QEON as probably distinct from
PISTIN QEOU ? Yet, many English translations, including
most modern translations would express no distinction, QEOU
being labeled an objective genitive. It seems to me we
ought to think of them (PISTIN EIS QEON/PISTIN QEOU) as
*likely* distinct until presented with conclusive evidence
that they are synonymous expressions.

Iver Larsen's explanation sounds attractive by process of

> option. "Have faith of God" could possibly mean something
like: Have the faith
> (in God) that comes from God or is inspired by God in you.
The "faithfulness of
> God" option is ruled out in Mark 11:22 by the context.


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