[b-greek] Re: Great Commission question

From: Mark Wilson (emory2oo2@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 23:28:02 EST


You wrote:

> I usually see this as "Therefore, go and make disciples of all
>nations..." My
>question's about how to understand POREUQENTES; specifically, is it
>accurate to render
>this (adverbial) participle as an imperative? What are other valid
>options? Is there
>a consensus on which option is most likely meant?
> Are adverbial participles that modify imperatives generally to be
>understood as
>imperatives as well?

I gave this quote in an earlier post regarding verb-modifying participles.
It is taken from Dr. Porter (Verbal Aspect):

"In some instances it may simply be better not to specify the relations
between the participle and the other elements of the construction,
since the context does not give specific indicators." [p. 191]

I wonder how many times we try to make sense of a passage by "imposing"
English grammar on a Greek text. I think we are less comfortable than the
Greeks when a sentence is left unpacked. I know Dr. Wallace likens
translating to "unpacking" a Greek construct, but he really does not give
clear guidelines as to when to stop unpacking :o )

(In fact, one criticism against him is his seemingly unabated efforts to
invent more and more categories. For example, he suggests over 30 categories
for the Genitive alone, including a Plenary Genitive!)

Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be to let participles just kind of
dangle. It makes for poor English, but I kind of like them when reading

"having gone, make disciples..."
"after you've gone, make disciples..."

My thoughts,

Mark Wilson

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