[b-greek] Re: Great Commission question

From: Jeff & Brandie Green (rjgreen@alumni.uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 16:41:44 EST

Carl, Mark, Mark, and Michael,
    Thank-you for the insights. I hope readers will forgive me for not quoting the four
messages I'm replying to; it keeps my message shorter. Those who get the digest can just
scroll up and read them, and others received them not so long ago that they're probably
still in your Inbox, B-Greek folder, or Trash folder anyway :)
    Carl and Mark W., you confirmed my initial feeling: that an alternative to "go
(imperative)" is to translate the participle as an indicative in an adverbial clause
("after you've gone"). What I still wasn't sure of was whether the translation of
POREUQENTES as an imperative was also an option.
    Mark O'Brien, I guess I'd have to find my way to a copy of Wallace to figure out what
he means by "attendant circumance participles"... does he give a translation of Matt 28:19
in his discussion?
    Michael, I learned something reading your post! (I don't mean to sound too surprised;
I've learned a lot reading this list over the past couple months.) I hadn't heard that
before that the mood to use to understand a participle comes from the main verb. (Or, if
that is what I was taught, I must've forgotten it.) I like that principle; I'll keep it
in mind as I read and see for myself how well it works. Your examples make a good case
for it, 'though the translations don't always take into account the tense of the
participle. Of course, sometimes it's impossible to convey both the simplicity and full
meaning of a Greek sentence in an equally natural, simple, and meaningful English sentence
(isn't that why we learned Greek? :)
    Thank again!
Jeff Green

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