[b-greek] theos and ho theos'

From: Melinda Vienneau (tremaine@exploremaine.com)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 20:32:32 EST

To all with interest,
The fact that the word theos' in its second occurrence is without the
definite article (ho) and is placed before the verb in the sentence in Greek
is significant. Interestingly, translators that insist on rendering John
1:1, "The Word was God," do not hesitate to use the indefinite article (a,
an) in their rendering of other passages where a singular anarthrous
predicate noun occurs before the verb. Thus, at John 6:70, JBand KJ both
refer to Judas Iscariot as "a devil," and at John 9:17 they describe Jesus
as "a prophet."

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