[b-greek] Re: theos and ho theos'

From: Ken Smith (kens@180solutions.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 12:39:18 EST

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<TITLE>RE: [b-greek] Re: theos and ho theos'</TITLE>
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<P><FONT SIZE=2>I can't speak to Coptic, but Latin doesn't have a definite article.&nbsp; Consequently, the Vulgate reads:</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>in principio erat Verbum et Verbum erat apud Deum et Deus erat Verbum.</FONT>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>&quot;Deus&quot; is capitalized in the version I have, but I don't know if that reflects the earliest manuscripts (or even what the significance of a capitalized &quot;Deus&quot; would have been); or whether that reflects more on Jerome's grammatical or theological sensibilities.</FONT></P>

<P><FONT SIZE=2>Ken Smith</FONT>

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<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; I'm curious to know how old are the oldest translations (not </FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; into English but into Latin, Coptic, etc.) of John 1 and how </FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; do they render it?&nbsp; Did they supply an article?&nbsp; I know </FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; nothing of these other ancient languages maybe they don't </FONT>

<BR><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; have indefinite articles either.</FONT>

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