[b-greek] Re: Welcome to B-Greek!

From: Larry Overton (LGO@larryoverton.com)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 02:44:33 EST

Dear list members ~

I subscribed today as lgo@larryoverton.com. However, I have been a member
for years, subscribed as lgoberean@aol.com. So my screen name may be new to
B-Greek, but I am not. I am familiar with list netiquette and B-Greek

However, in saying that I am familiar with B-Greek, I do not mean to imply
that I have posted that often in the past, nor will I be posting that often
in the future. I admit, I am one of the "lurkers." I have posted five or
six times, total. I prefer to "listen in" as opposed to "speaking up,"
because I am, as they say on this list, a little Greek, and a rusty one, at

I am a business owner that attended a Bible school (unaccredited) in the
early 1970s. The school curriculum included a course in Greek, using Machen
as the text. So my only classroom instruction in Greek took place more than
25 years ago. I try to read from my Greek NT daily, but I don't always make
time for it, to be honest. As I said before, I am a rusty little Greek. I
therefore will "listen" more than I "speak" on this list.

I am grateful for the existence of this discussion list, for the opportunity
to learn from you. And now that I've (re)introduced myself to this list,
I'll go back to my lurking.


Larry G. Overton

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