[b-greek] Re: theos and ho theos'

From: Bob Vincent (rbvin@earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 09:35:11 EST

This tiresome thread simply illustrates that none of us approaches anything
without bringing something to the table. As a Calvinistic, Trinitarian,
critically Traditionalist, Charismatic Christian who follows the Council of
Chalcedon's conclusions regarding the Incarnation of our Lord, I approach
biblical texts with a bias, but so does everyone else. Sadly, most of the
time we think that we are being objective as we evaluate the evidence. In
reality, don't all of us sometimes examine things simply with a view to
reinforcing our prejudices?

This is a wonderful e-mail list, and I think that if we called a moratorium
on John 1:1, it would be even better.

My two-cents' worth,

"I have enough trouble keeping the Ten Commandments, I don't need to add an
eleventh one ... and I fully intend to go home tonight and smoke a cigar to
the glory of God."
Charles H. Spurgeon

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