[b-greek] Re: theos and ho theos' (2)

From: Will Wagers (hyle@e-denton.com)
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 15:45:29 EST


I would appreciate some help with my personal translation problem.

My *personal* translation of Jn 1 (at the moment) is:

        From the beginning, Logos was,
        and (from the beginning) Logos was toward God,
        and (from the beginning) Logos was a god.


Is "*From* the beginning" justifiable?

I view "was toward" as indicating a perpetual state of attraction, i.e.
one thing is forever moving toward another, but never reaching it.
It means something like "eros" in an ancient philosophical sense.
Has anyone run across a usage with this meaning elsewhere? And,
what is a better way to translate it (than "toward") ? To say that
"Logos was (and is) *in love with* God" has some of what I'm after,
but, in English, the philosophical sense would be completely lost.

Thanks for your comments.

Will Wagers "Reality is the best metaphor."

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