[b-greek] The use of the preposition kata in Romans 16:5

From: Manfred Roth (m.roth@iseliadress.ch)
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 07:40:31 EST

Hello everybody

I'd like to know why the phrase: "...kai thn kat oikon autwn ekklhsian" in
Romans 16:5 is always translated as: "...the church that is in their
As far as I know the preposition 'kata' doesn't mean 'in' but 'according
to' or 'down from'; I can't understand why it should have the meaning of
'in' in that case.
Could it be more accurate to translate that verse: "... the church that
'is named' according to their house"?

Thank's for your help!

Manfred Roth, Switzerland

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