[b-greek] RE: Matt 24:36 in Jerome and Athanasius

From: James Ernest (jernest@hendrickson.com)
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 19:23:57 EST

Dear Charles,

In the third Oration against the Arians, which is devoted mostly to
refutation of Arian prooftexting from the gospels, Matt 24:36 (or Mark
13:32) is one of the last texts that Athanasius discusses (see CA 3.42-50).
Athanasius doesn't engage in text criticism or Synoptic comparisons. In
this case in particular, he does not suggest that the words "nor the son" do
not belong in the text, nor that they appear in one gospel but not the
other. Nor does he make any such argument in the Letters to Serapion on the
Holy Spirit, where he again briefly discusses this text (see PG 26:621,
624.) The text to which you refer is in the Disputatio contra Arium (see PG
28:473). I haven't spent much time with this treatise, but I don't think
anyone has challenged the judgment reflected in the CPG that it's spurious.
It claims to be the transcript of a debate between Arius and Athanasius at
the Council of Nicea--a later, romanticized notion. The chances that
Athanasius, who was a deacon at the time and an assistant to Bishop
Alexander of Alexandria, was allowed to speak at all at the council--much
less engage in a long-winded debate with Arius--are slim.

As for Jerome: I doubt there's a concordance but don't really know. I
would try searching the Migne texts on disc. Maybe someone else can help
with that.


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|To all you patristics scholars
|I'm trying to track down two citations/references to Matt
|24:36. The first is
|from Jerome. The text is: "In quibusdam Latinis codicibus
|additum est neque
|filius; quum in Graecis, et maxime Adamantii et Pierii
|exemplaribus, hoc non
|habeatur adscriptum"
|Does anyone know the reference for this text. I've spent hours
|through Jerome's works and have not been able to find it. Is there a
|concordance to Jerome?
|The second question concerns the reference in Athanasius where
|he alleged at
|the council at Nicea that the words OUDE hO hUIOS were only in
|Mark 13:32 and
|not Matt 24:36.
|Your help is appreciated.
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