[b-greek] EDOXASEN In Romans 8:30

From: GLEN L NAFTANIEL (glensmail@juno.com)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 18:31:19 EST

Hi, my name is Glen. This is my first time writing to B-Greek. I have not
been studying Greek for very long but I‘m trying to teach myself because
I see great value in learning it. I am trying to correctly understand the
word Glorified (EDOXASEN), particularly as it applies to Romans 8:30. The
verb is indicative, aorist, active, third person, singular. (Analytical
Greek N.T.--Friberg.) I guess they interpret it as past tense because it
is “aorist.” I'm not sure of the implications of it being “indicative.” I
know that it means that the action is certain. Does that mean that it is
presently taking place? (I don't think so but I'm not sure)
I have a friend who interprets “glorified” in Romans 8:30 as referring to
both (1)our present exaltation, i.e. our becoming sons of God. And (2)
our final glorification i.e. heaven. Is that grammatically sound? It
doesn't seem so to me for two reasons:
1) I think that when people speak they don't have two idea’s in their
mind at the same time. For example if I make the statement, “When I'm
down the Lord lifts me up,” It could mean that if I humble myself the
Lord will exalt me. It could also mean that when I am depressed the Lord
comforts me; however I don't think that I would have been thinking of
both of those concepts at the same time. Although both are true I would
have been thinking of only one when I made the statement. Is there
anything in Greek that addresses this concept?
2) It doesn't seem that if glorification was past tense that it could be
BOTH past and present at the same time. Is that correct?
Any help that could be offered would be of great help. Thanks, Glen--
A.T. Robertson (Word Pictures) remarked--Glorified (EDOXASEN). All first
aorist active indicatives of common verbs (KALEO, DIKAIOO, DOXAZO). But
the glorification is stated as already consummated (constative aorists,
all of them), though still in the future in the fullest sense. "The step
implied in EDOXASEN is both complete and certain in the Divine counsels"

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