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From: Jim West (jwest@highland.net)
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 16:04:46 EST

At 12:51 PM 3/14/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>This is a little off topic but I'm wondering if anyone knows anything
>about this book.
>The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek NT
>By: Cleon Rogers, Jr.
>Description: Building on the original Linguistic Key to the Greek New
>Testament. It not only provides Greek students with verse-by-verse
>analysis of unusual word forms, but goes beyond word study to address
>grammatical and exegetical difficulties as well. 752 pages, hardcover
>from Zondervan.

yup- its pretty useful for the person who is reading through a book or
chapter and who doesn't have a very large vocabulary and thus finds him or
her self having to stop and look up every other word. it just sets the
passages in order and offers a brief definition and explanation of the more
unusual words. It is a descendent of the "Sprachlicher Schluessel zum
griechischen Neuen Testament" of Fritz Reinecker (9th ed. , 1952)(thats the
one ive had for 15 years...).

Its a good tool but dont let it make ya lazy.



Jim West, ThD

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