[b-greek] Re: Second Plural

From: Jim Darden (jim@dardenhome.com)
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 17:18:22 EST

I think SWTERIA should be SWTHRIA (my mistake).

Your point below helped a lot. Thanks for the John 1:50-51 reference.

Jim Darden

> jim@dardenhome.com said:
> > Since SWTERIA is always singular in the NT is it really that
> > significant? It might be more significant if Paul used the plural of
> > SWTERIA (i.e., the only case in the NT). But I agree, this passage is
> > generally understood as you-singular not ya'll. That in itself is
> > significant. Thanks for the insight.
> That's a good question and I can offer no definitive answer.
> I will offer a few items I hope provoke you to think.
> 1. We too readily think of salvation in terms of "getting into
> heaven." I think Scripture paints a picture which incorporates the
> here and now, also. A broader definition of SWTERIA and cognates
> alleviates the difficulties we have with some problem passages
> involving `salvation', `saved', et al. Such a key theological term
> will be VERY difficult to discuss on BGreek, so may I suggest, if
> discussion does ensue, that it keep to the lexical aspects of the
> cognate group.
> 2. EAUTOU can be reciprocal. That is, there is the reciprocal use of
> the reflexive pronoun. Cf. Smith section 1231-2 "The plural forms of
> the reflexive pronouns are often used for the reciprocal ALLHLWN."
> This makes Paul to say to the Philippian Christians, "Work out one
> another's salvation." Given the thematic development of humility in
> the letter coupled with service to one another, and the allowance of a
> more expansive definition of `salvation', it is my opinion that

> Phil. 2:12 is the thematic sentence of this section (which is
> 1:12-3:2). And it appears to be pervasively mistranslated!
> Lastly, since this is the `plural you' thread: John 1:51 contains
> another shift from singular to plural `you'.

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