[b-greek] b-greek digest: March 16, 2001

From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 15:05:23 EST

> Dear friends,
> My name is Ventzy, and I'm in the list for a year and
> a half. I am from Bulgaria and I need some help. I
> recived my theological and filological aducation in my
> country. Can you tell me the adresses of Christian
> schools, which offer good Master's and Doctor's degree
> courses in NT Greek? I have special interest in Bible
> translation and NT Greek teaching.

Ventzy, Dallas Theological Seminary offers a Master of Arts degree in
Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics. This program is conducted in cooperation
with SIL, the large worldwide Bible translation organization. Here is a link
to the webpage which describes the program and from which you can get
further information:


Wayne Leman
Bible translation site: http://www.geocities.com/bible_translation/

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