[b-greek] Acts 7:59

From: Iver Larsen (alice-iver_larsen@wycliffe.org)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 04:44:31 EST

To: Henryk Jędraszcak
From: Iver Larsen

You asked about why I used "pray" in the translation of Acts 7:59 and which
translations may have done the same.

First, my suggestions for translation were my own.

Second, all the various Danish translations that I have been able to check from
1907 to 1992 use the Danish word "bede" which is cognate to the German "beten".

Several English translations also use "pray", e.g. RSV, NIV, NLT, NCV, and
probably others.

How something is translated into another language is to me a slightly different
question from the range of meaning of different words in Greek. Both are good
questions. In some languages the concept of "praying" is a general idea of
"talking to God". Even in English, different people may have different
perspectives on what prayer is. For some, it may be mainly a petition to God,
for others it may be a more general talking to God. I would think that "praying
out loud" is an acceptable English translation of the Greek EPIKALOUMENON KAI
LEGONTA, because Stephen is making a request to God and he is doing it aloud.
When I suggested it, I had not checked any official translations.

Iver Larsen
Kolding, Denmark

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