[b-greek] Re: New Testament Verses in the OT and LXX

From: Dave Washburn (dwashbur@nyx.net)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 18:47:07 EST

> >
> > Isn't there debate about how many there actually are? Where do we draw the
> > line between quotation and allusion?
> >
> Excellent question, Holly
> I have heard it said that while Revelation is saturated with the OT, it is
> all allusion: there isn't one single clear quotation.
There are some places where it's difficult to decide, for sure, but
most actual quotes are pretty clearly indicated and easy to spot.

Dave Washburn
"No study of probabilities inside a given frame can ever
tell us how probable it is that the frame itself can be
violated." C. S. Lewis

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