[b-greek] Re: best mnemonics in hebrew or latin?

From: Charlie & Mary Jane Perkins (cmjp@goodnet.com)
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 09:55:03 EST


I would think that Latin would win hands down as far as ease of learning for
someone whose native language is "Western". The vocabulary will be easier to
assimilate (e.g.: ecclesia, evangelium, signum, ...) as opposed to only a
handful of Hebrew words used in English for instance. Latin word formation
is much more regular than Hebrew. Latin verbs will be organized as Greek
verbs beginning with mood as opposed to Hebrew verbs major organization
being according to type of stem (hiphil, pual, piel, etc.).

Latin phonemes are much easier for English speakers. Hebrew is built upon
three letter roots, and two of the letters for instance have no sound to a
typical (American) English speaker (aleph and ayin). This causes memory
interference when one "hears" a word with an ayin or an aleph. Same thing
for Hebrew letters that sound like k, q, and ch as well as two "s" and two
"t" sounds in the Hebrew alphabet.

Latin is a bit friendlier conjugating amo (I love) rather than ltq (I kill)!

Now as to usefulness biblically and theologically, I'll leave that to

Charlie Perkins
Prescott, AZ

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