[b-greek] Re: Looking for a good commentary set.

From: B. D. Colt (babc@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 06:11:35 EST

On 24 Mar 01, at 7:55, Bill Garrison wrote:

> I'm surprised no one mentioned A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures in the
> New Testament. It's dated, but covers the entire NT and interacts
> intensively with the Greek. It's reprint edition is heavily discounted
> but I prefer the electronic edition which is included in BibleWorks
> 4.0. I like to synchronize it with the GNT text in a side window as I
> read.

I have it in Logos; it's on the Volume IV CD, and often when I find the
grammatical structure puzzling or I know all the words, but in
combination they aren't making sense to me, Robertson clears up my

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St John the Evangelist, San Francisco

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