[b-greek] Greek idioms

From: Mike Sangrey (msangrey@BlueFeltHat.org)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 12:21:30 EST

I'd like to know what others think of these idioms:

TAFOIS KEKONIAMENOIS: "tombs whited" (see Mat. 23:27), I always
assumed that tombs were NOT painted white and that Jesus was saying
the Scribes and Pharisees were just like what it would be like if
people actually DID paint tombs white. Well, I learned yesterday
the tombs WERE painted white and the reason was identical to why we,
at least in the US, paint certain things `warning yellow'. It was
a signal to the eyes to `steer clear'. In other words, the outward
show of righteousness appears as a warning to others of the death
which "lives" within.

I'm not sure I would call this an idiom. I would translate, though,
as `tombs painted warning white'.

AMHN AMHN: "truly, truly". I don't think this quite captures what
is being said. It seems to me to be more along the lines of "It is
a foregone conclusion that..."
Mike Sangrey
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