[b-greek] Gender...What!?

From: Jim Darden (jim@dardenhome.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 14:59:14 EST

I'm sure this is a basic question and I should have nailed this down by the
end of first year Greek but I'm second guessing myself.

According to Geotchus (and others), "...gender is a grammatical category,
not a physiological one; gender is not the same thing as sex." This makes
sense to me since there are neuter nouns like TEKNON. But then, I'm
reviewing one of Lyle Story's Greek To Me lessons, and he translates TAIS
KALAIS as "the good women". So can we say, in the case of this adjective,
gender can denote "physiology"? If gender has nothing whatever to do with
physiology then TOIS KALOIS would mean the same thing as TAIS KALAIS and TA
KALA. What am I missing here. Should I totally disregard gender for
everything other than concord?

Jim Darden

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