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From: Wayne Leman (Wayne_Leman@SIL.ORG)
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 11:39:25 EST

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From: "Michael Sweetland" <msweetland@multnomah.edu>

> I know this discussion about a list of idioms ended a little bit ago,

It's never too late for good things, Michael. Thanks for this tip. I have
L&N in e-text in another program and should be able to do the same kind of
search you did. I'm posting this to the entire list, so others who have L&N
in e-text can do the same.

> but I tried
> something that I thought might be interesting to some (forgive me if this
is old
> news).
> I was looking up a word in my electronic version of Louw &Nida and noticed
that one
> of the entries described the words usage in an idiom. So I set my search
> ( I am using Accordance; don't know how other versions might do this) to
> Content, set the display to Articles and searched for the word "idiom." I
got a lot
> of hits but after a quick scan it seemed that most of them seem to provide
> information to what was being discussed. there are of course many hits
such as " for
> use in an idiom see XX.XX . Anyway, thought I might pass that on. I am
> learning some of the unique advantages to having some works in electronic
form over
> print.
> Michael Sweetland
> Multnomah Biblical Seminary--Student

Wayne Leman
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