[b-greek] 1 John as a Greek Trial (offline discussion)

From: Robert D. (Bob) Wilson (robtdwilson@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 14:03:59 EDT

This is a request for an offline discussion (due to the significant scope
of the issue).

Has anyone ever seen any research or anything published on the possibility
that 1Jn is fashioned as a classical Greek trial -- or at least as a legal
deposition? Most of the commentaries I have read or seen quoted say that
the "epistle" is next to impossible to outline (i.e., using their Pauline
logic/grammar-structure glasses) to the mistaken point where some have
concluded that they are reading the "the ramblings of an old man"!!!

With this exciting possibility as a working premise I have created a new
outline of the book and would now like to submit my theory for an
(offline) peer review. If any of you would like to discuss this further,
I would gratefully accept any “higher criticism”. I have published my
[English] grammatical & legal outlines of 1John on my web site:
The Trial Outline is posted in HTML. The Grammitical Outline, however, is
in MS Word.Doc format. Once you open the document, you can use Word’s
“Save As” function to save it to your hard drive.

Anticipating your response:

Your servant and HIS,
Bob Wilson
Centerport, PA

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