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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@home.com)
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 19:48:00 EDT

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Rick S wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE><style></style>
Does anyone know whether the grouping
hINA GAR is found in any Greek literature? I assume it is possible.&nbsp;Thanks
in advance,&nbsp;Rick StrelanUniversity of Queensland</blockquote>

<p><br>The answer is: quite a few. Using hINA GAR with no words intervening
as my search terms (and not searching the works like the Scholia or the
Greek Anthology that the TLG lists as Varia and works of uncertain date),
here's what I found are the author's in whose works the phrase can be found
and the number of times with these works the phrase appears:
<p>Search for: ina gar
<p>`Century: 8 B.C.
<br>`Homerus Epic.: 1
<br>`Century: 7 B.C.
<br>`Anaximander Phil.:&nbsp; 1
<br>`Century: 6 B.C.
<br>`Matches in this century:&nbsp; 0
<br>`Century: 5 B.C.
<p>`Thucydides Hist.: 2
<br>`Isocrates Orat.: 2
<br>`Aristophanes Comic.: 2
<br>`Plato Phil.:&nbsp; 3
<br>`Century: 4 B.C.
<p>`Aristoteles Phil. et Corpus: 8
<br>`Demades Orat. et Rhet.: 1
<p>Century: 3 B.C.
<br>Chrysippus Phil.:&nbsp; 2
<br>Century: 2 B.C.
<p>`Posidonius Phil.: 2
<p>`Century: 1 B.C.
<br>`Dionysius Halicarnassensis Rh: 3
<br>`Century: A.D. 1
<br>`Plutarchus Biogr. et Phil.:&nbsp; 2
<br>`Novum Testamentum: 1
<br>`Flavius Arrianus Hist. et Phi: 1
<br>`Epictetus Phil.: 1
<br>`Dio Chrysostomus Soph.: 3
<p>`Galenus Med. De elementis e: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De temperament: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De naturalibus: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De usu partium: 5
<br>`Galenus Med. De utilitate r: 2
<br>`Galenus Med. Quod animi mor: 2
<br>`Galenus Med. De propriorum : 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De animi cuius: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De atra bile: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De placitis Hi: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. Thrasybulus si: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De differentii: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. Adversus eos q: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De causis puls: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De methodo med: 2
<br>`Galenus Med. De venae secti: 1
<br>`Galenus Med. De simplicium : 1
<br>`Galenus Med. In Hippocratis: 1
<br>`Lucianus Soph. Timon: 1
<br>`Lucianus Soph. Revivescente: 1
<br>`Lucianus Soph. Bis accusatu: 1
<br>`Lucianus Soph. Adversus ind: 1
<br>`Lucianus Soph. Somnium sive: 1
<br>`Lucianus Soph. Abdicatus: 1
<br>`Aelius Aristides Rhet. Prej: 1
<br>`Cassius Dio Hist. Historiae: 11
<br>`Cassius Dio Hist. Historiae: 1
<br>`Cassius Dio Hist. Historiae:&nbsp; 3
<br>`Pseudo-Galenus Med. De opti: 1
<br>`Sextus Empiricus Phil. Pyrr: 3
<br>`Sextus Empiricus Phil. Adve: 24
<br>`Clemens Alexandrinus Theol. : 1
<br>`Clemens Alexandrinus Theol. : 4
<br>`Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Imp: 1
<br>`Aspasius Phil. In&nbsp; ethica Ni: 3
<br>`Xenophon Scr. Erot. Ephesia: 1
<br>`Justinus Martyr Apol. Dialo: 1
<br>`Alexander Aphrodisiensis Phil: 1
<br>`Alexander Aphrodisiensis Phil: 3
<br>`Clemens Alexandrinus Theol. : 4
<br>`Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Imp: 1
<br>`Aspasius Phil. In ethica Ni: 3
<br>`Xenophon Scr. Erot. Ephesia: 1
<br>`Athenagoras Apol. Legatio: 1
<br>`Martyrium Polycarpi Epistul: 1
<br>`Theon Phil. De&nbsp; utilitate ma: 1
<br>`Origenes Theol. Contra Cels: 4
<br>`Origenes Theol. De principi: 2
<br>`Origenes Theol. Commentarii: 5
<br>`Origenes Theol. De oratione: 2
<br>`Origenes Theol. De engastri: 1
<br>`Origenes Theol. Philocalia : 3
<br>`Origenes Theol. Commentariu: 2
<br>`Origenes Theol. Fragmenta e: 4
<br>`Origenes Theol. Fragmenta e: 2
<br>`Origenes Theol. Commentarii: 1
<br>`Origenes Theol. Commentarii: 2
<br>`Origenes Theol. Fragmenta i: 2
<br>`Origenes Theol. Selecta in : 1
<br>`Origenes Theol. Selecta in : 1
<br>`Origenes Theol. Scholia in : 1
<br>`Origenes Theol. Commentarii i: 1
<p>Jeffrey Gibson
<br>Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.)
<br>7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
<br>Chicago, Illinois 60626
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