[b-greek] Johannine vocabulary

From: Mike Arcieri (studium@total.net)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 10:18:14 EDT

Fellow members,

I have 2 questions that perhaps someone on the bgreek list can help with.

1) Last year I visited a www page which have a complete list of all the
Johannine vocab in the Gospel (this was useful re. my Thesis).
Unfortunately I did not bookmark it, and now have failed in all my
attempts to relocate it on the net. I have provided a sample of the page
in this email, and I hope that someone will recognize the source.
As you can see, the author provides a word frequency list per chapter for
all 21 chs. of John. Sorry that I can't provide more info, but this page
is all I have.


Word | chapter |
              1 2 3 4
en 14 9 5 16
arxh 2 1
eimi 36 7 23 21
o 110 75 109 129
logos 4 1 4



2) I have R. C. Trench's "Synonyms of the NT" book, but would like to know
if there is another, more recent source of NT synonyms available (either a
book, word list, appendix, whatever)...

Tks for your help!

Mike Arcieri

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